Audience segmentation: get key insights into your target audiences

Build and track your custom target audience to improve brand performance where it matters

What is audience segmentation, 
and why is it important?

Audience segmentation is the process of creating subgroups within a larger audience. This allows brands to really understand why their key market is, launch more tailored marketing campaigns, and also create a stronger emotional bond with the people most likely to buy their product or service.

The most common audience segmentations are based on age, gender, location, income, and education. However, audience groups can also be segmented by behavior, customer journey, values, and beliefs, among others.

Audience segmentation can benefit your brand growth in the following ways


A more focused brand message and marketing campaigns


Deeper insight into what is working - and what isn't - for your brand


Valuable insights that can help you build a better brand strategy


Decreased marketing expenditure when you know you are targeting the right people


Higher conversion rates by marketing to the people most interested in your product or service

Audience Segmentation with Latana

At Latana, we understand that brands need more than just insights from the general population. We use an AI-powered algorithm to enhance the brand tracking data collected and generate accurate insights for important audiences. That means you can make marketing decisions based on audience segmentation information you can trust.

Our audience characteristics are the building blocks for your segmentation and can be used to frame and analyse your audience. The Latana dashboard offers the standard demographic characteristics of potential category user, age, gender, income, education, and location, to build your audiences.

Potential Category User






How Latana's audience segmentation can help your brand

Our product provides brands with the insights needed to understand how your target audience(s) feel about your brand. This key data can be used to:


Zoom in on the customer groups that your brand values.

Zoom in on the customer groups that your brand values.

Analyze which audiences work best for competitors - and where your brand can fill the gap.

Focus campaigns only on the audiences that are helping your brand grow.

Custom audience segmentation

Need to track a custom audience characteristic that is important to your brand or category? We've got you covered! Target audiences can be customized with Latana. As well as the following standard audience segments - potential category user/age/gender/education level/household income level/region - additional segmentations can be included to ensure you are reaching the consumers that matter most for your brand.

With our dashboard, you can filter, analyze and compare your brand’s performance across your brand’s audiences. You can also compare the general population and your target audience, and discover and explore new potential audiences for your brand.

Quality data for
dependable audience

At Latana, our main focus is on providing quality data you can trust. Our advanced, non-incentivized sampling and machine-learning modeling provide you with unmatched data quality that you can reliably base marketing decisions on.

Map with purple squares

Case Studies

See how industry leaders are using Latana to improve brand performance.

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Blinkist improved the performance of their TV campaigns and brand awareness

N26 Hero

How N26 reached a new niche audience and grew their market share

Hero Headspace

Headspace replicated successful brand campaigns to accelerate growth

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