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Headspace replicated successful brand campaigns to accelerate growth

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Headspace is one of the world’s leading mindfulness apps with the aim to improve health and happiness. They currently have millions of users in more than 190 countries worldwide.


Headspace Needed To Get Ahead Of The Competition

They were predominantly focused on performance marketing in the past but began to introduce brand marketing into the mix to get a competitive edge in a crowded and competitive space. Headspace had little experience with brand marketing previously and was wary of wasting large chunks of their marketing budget. They had recently launched various brand campaigns across Germany, France, and Spain but had no way of understanding the impact these brand campaigns were making.

Headspace illustration grid
Headspace illustration grid

Headspace Turned To Latana Brand Tracking

Headspace decided that they needed to invest in a tool that would accurately show if their brand campaigns were hitting the mark. Ruth Chadwick, Brand Strategist, spent some time looking into various brand trackers but ultimately chose Latana as she felt it was most suitable for a tech brand.

Headspace - latana dashboard
Headspace - latana dashboard

The Value Of Headspace’s Brand Advertising

Looking at data gathered across Germany in Q1 and Q2 2019, Headspace could see that their campaigns were driving brand awareness. Headspace compared the German data to data from Spain and France where they didn’t do any brand marketing. The comparison showed that although they were reaching their target audience in all three countries, in Spain and France where no brand campaigns were running, there was a significantly smaller lift in brand awareness.

Headspace - mobile phones with headspace app
Headspace - mobile phones with headspace app

“We love working with the Latana team. They have helped us to prove the value of brand advertising and given us an understanding of the maturity of our product/brand across different markets.”

Bobby Richardson,

Offline Marketing Lead at Blinkist

Key Findings

Headspace got confirmation that what they were doing in Germany to accelerate growth was working. They can now replicate the proven campaigns from Germany and accelerate the pace at which they grow in new markets.

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Brand Awareness

was lower for countries with no brand advertising

Icon Germany
In Germany

brand advertising is increasing awareness

Icon Marketing
Brand Marketing

is required more in Spain and France

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