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Discover Which Audiences Have Bonded With Bolt

Founded in 2013 by Marcus Villing in Estonia, Bolt — 
which was originally known as Taxify — has grown to be 
a leading mobility brand in Europe. A real jack-of-all-trades, it offers taxi services, rentable e-scooters, food, and grocery deliveries, as well as car sharing.

Valued at over $8 billion, the brand's unfocused approach means it has the potential to appeal to a broader array 
of consumers, but is its brand successfully engaging with 
all these different groups? Download our Brand Bite to 
find out.

What's inside?

Sample Size

1000 respondents via mobile surveys.

Audience Segmentation

Respondents segmented by age, gender, and education level.

Geo Focus

Focus on the UK, with respondents selected randomly from around the country.

Results Sneak Peek

Only 17% of Baby Boomers report 
brand awareness for Bolt.